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Nongovernmental organization "BONUM"

Non-government organization "Bonum"  is an unprofitable and non- party organization whose aim is:
- sprreading culture of peace
- promotion and protection of human rights and freedoms  
- protection of the environment
- cherishing cultural and artistic creation
- reform process
- affirm importance to realization of reforms of legal,political and economic system and whole reform proces
- "Primary functions of a community"will afirm a positive opinion to primary functions of human existence with its distinctive demands for space,that is to say"the institutions are knitted toghter with space" to liven the community and dwell ,work, supply, educate and use a free time.
- Democracy development, relation of the local sefgovernment in the solving problems of the local community ,economical stability,NGO` s development.

NGO"Bonum" gathers people of different professions and age ,teachers, engineers ,economists, lawyers, as well as youth and students(45 members). Managing body is board. President of the board is Ruzdija Strujic, professor.  

NGO"BONUM" is member :Center For Development of Non-Governmental Organizations Montenegro ,  Network For Affirmation of Non-Governmental Sector Montenegro, "AKCIJA" informal coalition of Non-Governmental Organization, and  Coalition  NGO"Pljevlja" Informal Network prevention of violence and mutual confidence ”Tolerance”

NGO”Bonum” is member of  NGO Network  for Affirmation European integrative process”MAEIP”, member Association of multiethnic cities of the southeast Europe ”Philia


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