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Volunteer camp was held in the hotel "Pljevlja" in Pljevlja from 11.06. untill 16.06.2011.

35 participants took part in the activities.

Monitors in the camp were: Ivana Vujovic and Remzija Ramusovic" Civil action".
The assistants in the camp were: Zdravko Janjusevic" Democratic center from Bijelo Polje", Dejan Milicic " Survival Pljevlja".

Participants from Prijepolje were accommodated(10 participants)
On parental demand participants of the camp from Pljevlja were not accommodated in the hotel "Pljevlja" but they joined other participants during the work sessions from 9,30 in the morning and were there until 22,03 at night.They were having lunch and dinner together with other participants from Prijepolje.

9,00 Arrival of the participants of the camp from Prijepolje. Visiting of the tempel " St. George" and cleaning the yard of the Monastery of St. Trinity.
Socialising with others and agreeing on the following activities. Accommodation for the participants of Prijepolje

-Marking the walking path, arranging the yard and the garden of the Daily Center (Center for the disabeled children), socialising with children, giving presents and the presentation of the programme in NGO "The Ray of hope"
Dinner. Departure of the participants from Prijepolje.

-Activities of the camp were accompanied by media RTV Pljevlja which reported news about the openning of the Camp in " The chronicle of Pljevlja" 11.06.2001 at 19,00 o'clock, and in " The morning programme" on 12.06. at 9,00.

-Work activities in the yard and the garden of the Daily Centre and NGO " The ray of hope" were reported in " The chronicle of Pljevlja" 15.06.2011. at 19,00 o'clock and in "The morning programme" 16.06.2011. at 9,00 o'clock.

Texts about the organisation of the volunteer camp were published in " Pljevlja newspapers" and the daily newspapers" Danas(Today)"

The activities of the Volunteer camp were carried out succesfully.
The expert team that will carry out the activities of forming volunteer centers in Prijepolje and Pljevlja was elected and their meembers are:Avdovic Kemal, , Pejovic Aleksandar. Softić Enisa,Ašćerić Emina


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